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My name is Dwayne. I'm a father of three, 2 boys and 1 girl. In my attitudes and profession, I consider myself a "lifesaver" :) more...

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I've published 54 articles that have been viewed 246,172 times. I've received +552 recommendations as an expert for my writing. I've answered 2 questions and received +1 positive votes.
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Is it worth traveling this season via Greyhound bus lines, Crucero or Americano? Are these affordable solutions to travel worth the price paid in overall comfort? Or should you choose Amtrak or an airline as a better alternative? Find out what a trip on Greyhound will likely look like for you should you choose the bus as your choice to get to your destination this year.
Published by Dwayne Ivey 57 months ago in United States & Canada | +4 votes | 0 comments
Problems with United States Security. And, the disappearance of U.S. Drone reports in the media.
Published by Dwayne Ivey 70 months ago in Politics & Government | +17 votes | 0 comments
Cam Newton gifts his record breaking touchdown football; Team takes it back! Good sportsmanship by Newton and positive media coverage
Published by Dwayne Ivey 70 months ago in Football | +10 votes | 5 comments
Are scientists digging into earth's history and creating a real Jurassic Park? Are astrologists probing the universe like an alligator being poked in the wild with a toothpick in the eye? Find out
Published by Dwayne Ivey 70 months ago in Astronomy | +24 votes | 8 comments
Antonio Margarito, did he cheat? Find out and learn about his upcoming rematch in New York with Miguel Cotto!
Published by Dwayne Ivey 70 months ago in Boxing | +12 votes | 4 comments
Learn about Poi and fire spinning. Here you will find descriptions, tips and public festivals across the United States; along with an interview from one of Arizona's best fire spinners.
Published by Dwayne Ivey 75 months ago in Entertainment Industry | +24 votes | 8 comments
Hollywood child acting class facts and rumors investigated. A one-on-one interview with Hollywood's go-to child acting coach Gary Spatz.
Published by Dwayne Ivey 76 months ago in Acting & Entertainment Careers | +24 votes | 7 comments
How to be a better partner for your bipolar companion. Support suggestions for bipolar individuals and their families and friends.
Published by Dwayne Ivey 78 months ago in Bipolar & Unipolar Disorder | +38 votes | 11 comments
How to shave with sensitive skin. Methods and products that will keep your skin soft and prevent irritation.
Published by Dwayne Ivey 78 months ago in Hair Removal & Waxing | +22 votes | 7 comments
Club Med Promo Code / Discount Coupon Code. Club Med Review. Club Med offers an incredible selection of all-inclusive resorts to travel to all over the world for your private adventure, for you and a companion, and for your entire family or group. Club Med is considered one of the hottest vacation destinations on the planet. They offer customizable vacation plans and packages tailored to your individual desires and needs. Club Med painstakingly has gone through the process to make your ent...
Published by Dwayne Ivey 79 months ago in Travel Deals & Discounts | +23 votes | 6 comments
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